Aiming to be happier families.

As the scream starts forming in his toes

It is late afternoon and I have just finished my shopping in Morrisons. I am heading for the exit when I see a Dad with two little boys, probably age 3 and 5. The dad picks up a shopping basket and hands it to the older boy. The younger boy looks expectantly at his dad who just keeps walking and I watch as his head snaps around to look at his brother. He reaches for the basket and the older child immediately snatches it away causing a squeal to emit from the younger boy who tries again to grab the basket. Again the older boy snatches it away, turning around so that his body is between him and the basket.

“Stop it”, says the dad over his shoulder, “share.”

The older brother smirks and the younger boy’s face sets, mouth screwed up like a fat little strawberry, cheeks blown out like a puffer fish.

I watch as the scream starts forming in his toes and begins to move upwards. The dad looks around, just as it reaches his knees and I see a moment of panic cross his face. I grab an empty basket and put it in little brother’s hand, just as his mouth opens.

“There we go,” I say, fluffing his hair and smiling my biggest smile, “your own basket.”

His mouth closes and his face deflates, lighting up into a huge smile. “Well bugger me,” says the dad.

I walk off, enjoying the silence of a scream that didn’t happen this time. I look back to see the little boy still smiling at me so I give him a thumbs up and he nearly drops his basket as he returns it.

The message – Keep it simple, you know your children. Try to think from their point of view. Yes, they need to learn to share, but not in a supermarket at the end of the day, when everyone is a little frazzled.



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