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THE GOVERNESS DIARIES – Series 1, Episode 7 – Kokoroodaloo

"kokoroodaloo, myday aslostis shoo..."[If you’re just checking in, and haven’t yet read the preceding episodes of THE GOVERNESS DIARIES, click on the link to the right under ‘recent posts’, where you will find them. If some of them are not there, you will find them in ‘THE GOVERNESS DIARIES’ under ‘categories’, just scroll down to whichever episode you missed.]

So the grandparents left and I moved into the flatlet to play at ‘upstairs, downstairs’ (for those of you that don’t know, in the olden days, the family was upstairs and all the staff was downstairs). I was now living below ground so if there was a tornado or air raid I would have been safe.

It was much cooler down there although the mosquitos were still very much in the majority. I decided to splash out on one of those plug-in mosquito mats and some spray repellent. Dam those mosquitoes were persistent though, they managed to find any spot I missed with the repellent. I was virtually showering in the stuff and they still got me.

I think I may have finally won the battle with the moonsters though. I now had Nikoli concentrating for two-and-a-half hours and Adelina no longer told me to “go away”. In fact it was quite the opposite, every time I was out of sight she shouted ”Deni!!!” and ran around looking for me. (I think I preferred the “go away”).

Nikoli and I covered tons of stuff and I rewarded him by giving him treasure maps to find a sweet or letting him play Bookworm Adventures (a game where he has to make words to beat off the enemy, who are characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tales). He was enjoying himself so much that I had to drag him to the beach every day to spend time with his parents and when I went to fetch Adelina he would try to come back with me.

We went to play football and mini golf and to the amusement park – where he made me go on a roller coaster and took great delight when I screamed (I AM NOT A SCREAMER).

The day we went to play mini golf, we had a bit of a disagreement because he wanted me to take his mom’s bike because, “Zat blue bike, it ees too slow. Ees going like a snail.

That blue bike is not a snail and I cannot ride your mom’s bike because it is too big.”

“But my bike is faster like Lamborghini. I not want ride slow.”

He marched off, and his dad tried to reason with him but he just argued… Russian prattling again. So I went inside, picked up my book and started to read. He eventually noticed I was missing and came looking for me.

“Why you reading?”

“I am waiting for you to finish arguing and then we can do a word search.”

“What word search?”

I took one out of the folder.

“But we go to mini golf” he said.

“Blue snail?” I asked.

He frowned and shrugged.

 Five minutes later on the bicycle path I noticed that my little blue three-wheeler was a 6-speed I shoved it up a few notches and it flew. The next thing, Nikoli was shouting, “Deni! Slow down, You go too fast!” I stopped and waited for him. “Blue snail?” I asked.

“I seenk it ees Blue Ferrari.” he said

On the 13th hole at mini golf, I tapped my ball and it went all the way past the hole and stopped. I frowned at it and it rolled into the hole. Nikoli’s eyes nearly popped out of his head (so did mine actually).

 “How you do zat?” he asked.

“How did I do that?”

“Yes, yes, how did you do that?”

“Magic,” I smiled.

“You seenk you are Harry Potter?” he laughed.

“I don’t seenk, I know.”

 I let him beat me at mini golf.

With Adelina I found that she was always singing songs so I decided to change the songs to English ones. I bought an external speaker for my iPod took off all my music and loaded it full of nursery rhymes and kids songs. When I went to fetch her every day we would ride around for a bit with her in the basket of the Blue Ferrari and play children’s songs. – So I looked like an idiot – so who cared? I was conquering Princess Adelina. (I was waiting for the day when kids came out of the houses and started following me.)

 I also ordered a couple of music discs and videos. When she started losing interest in whatever we were doing, I put one on. The flavour of the week that week was:

 kokoroodaloo, myday aslostis shoo

my mastas los is fidellee steek an donow watoo doo

 …and I was singing them in my sleep.

I also noticed that whenever Vladimir went away, they became difficult. They played their mother up and she seemed almost afraid of them. She was not the best at getting up in the mornings and she didn’t give them a good breakfast. I noticed that if they ate a good breakfast they were different children but when they ate things like (wait for it) meringues or little cakes, they were monsters. One morning, I got out ingredients for banana crumpets and pretended that it was an cooking exercise for them and me. They loved them and with them being quite filling, they behaved. I then told them that you can have all different types and so, when Vladimir was not there, they ask me to make them crumpets.

What? Sly? Me?… never… I thought I might even introduce them to eggy-bread.

So the end of my contract was edging nearer as it drew closer to the time when they would move into their new house in England. Vladimir asked me one day if I would like to stay on after the contract expired, but in the capacity of live-out housekeeper / nanny. I said I would think about it. I had nothing lined up at that time and at least I wouldn’t have to live in their house and listen to the screaming and tantrums. (Adelina still screamed and threw tantrums with them, but she didn’t do it with me anymore).

 Scenes from out next episode:

  • No pinching
  • Say sorry
  • Be careful what you are teaching your children
  • “ai don laaik tennis”
  • “poooor rabbit”




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