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Just Apply Chocolate – All will be Fixed

“It’s alright, I’ll just go and get him a chocolate.”

I find myself flabbergasted on a daily basis when I see mothers who walk around shops seemingly oblivious to the fact that their child is screaming his/her head off.

Today, as I walked into Tesco to pick up some bits and pieces and spices for the curry I am craving, my ears were blitzed by the sound of a very angry child screeching somewhere in the direction of the toiletries isle. If you are a Mom, you understand when I say the child was angry as children’s screeches have different pitches and inclinations. This was an angry screech that had been going on for a while.

I tried (really I did) to ignore it and go about my shopping, but it just went on and on until curiosity got the better of me and I headed towards the noise.

As I reached the toiletry section, a double pushchair came around the end of the baby isle containing two little boys, one fast asleep, the other pushing against his restraints, mouth open, face red and squawking at an ear-shuddering pitch. Their mother on the other hand was totally calm, quietly perusing the items on the shelves. Behind her was an older woman, possibly her mother, pushing another pushchair with an older child in it.

I have to confess that I stopped and stared for a few seconds, at which point the older woman said, “Do you want me to take him outside and you go and finish up?”
“It’s alright,” said the younger woman, “I’ll just go and get him a chocolate.”


I was (I love this word) gobsmacked.

I actually found myself following her to the other side of the supermarket to see if she was actually going to do it… She did.

The message sent by this action is If you scream for long enough, you will be rewarded –  be careful what you teach.

I don’t know why the screaming started, but screaming and performing is unacceptable behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour shouldn’t be ignored and definitely not rewarded.

The older woman offered to take him outside and this would have been a good idea.

The mother could  have gone down to the child’s eye-level and told him to stop when he first started screaming. She could have told him that if he carried on, he would have to wait outside with the older woman until she had finished her shopping.



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