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THE NANNY DIARIES – Introduction.


On the 5th May 2014 I started looking after a little 5-year-old girl. Over the past two years I have often thought of starting a new series of blogs about my time with her, as I did with the Governess Diaries but somehow I never seemed to get around to it.

My little person is now 7 and has come a long way from the little girl I first met who was afraid of all sorts of things and had lots of little funnies. She is smart and cute and full of beans and noise. She is not so sure about Santa any more, but she is absolutely certain that she knows my secret and has never divulged it to anyone.

The secret is in my ‘real name’ and came about when she asked me one day what my name was…

Missy:   “Danny…” (She couldn’t quite get her head around the fact that I am ‘Deni’)

Me:        “Yes Missy.”

Missy:   “What’s your name?”

Me:        (Thinking here we go again with the Deni/ Danny thing) “You know what my name is.”

Missy:   “No, what is your real name?”

Me:        (For the 34092’th time) “Deni is short for Denise…”

Missy:   (Interrupting) “No… your REALLY REAL name.”

Me:        “Ooooh, that real name.”

Missy:   “Yeh.”

Me:        “Ssssssss.”

Missy:   “Yes.”

I leaned over her and said in a conspiratorial whisper, “It is Yram Snippop. But don’t tell anyone.”

She frowned at me for a minute and then said, “That’s a weird name, how do you spell it?” So I wrote it on the white board and she said it out loud.

Every now and then she looked at it again and mouthed it and when her mom came home she rushed to the board to erase it.

Many months later, when she was more used to me and my little stories and humour, I arrived to pick her up from school and found her jumping up and down in excitement. She pulled me aside and said with total glee, “I know who you are!”

Me:        “Well I certainly hope so or you shouldn’t come home with me.”

“No,” she said, “I know who you are…” she was positively bubbling. “Ok?” I said, “So who am I?”

Missy    “You know…”

Me:        “Obviously I don’t?”

She pulled me down towards her and whispered in my ear, “Yram Snippop… I know.

Me:        “Aaaah, so you found me out.”

Missy:   “I won’t tell anyone.”

Me:        “Ok.”

And so we began our adventures, Iram and Yssim.

Watch this space.


*Missy is not my little person’s name. Her name is withheld for obvious reasons.





13 January 2016 - Posted by | The Nanny Diaries

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