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THE NANNY DIARIES – Series 1, Episode 1 – Relatively relative.

Back to school

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Today Missy and I were doing homework as we do every day. She had managed to get through the ‘Reeeeeeeeaaallly hard maths’, all by herself and we had moved on to the daily spelling.

Every day she gets five spelling words, which she looks at and memorises. Then she gives me the book, runs to the whiteboard and shouts, “Ready!” I then randomly shout the words and their meanings to her from the kitchen where I am usually beginning the prep for dinner. When she has written them all, she collects the book from me and checks her work. If she gets any wrong she writes it three times and we think of way to help her remember, like ‘bicycle’ which she wrote ‘bycicle’ so we remember it by the fact that ‘i’ comes before ‘y’ in the alphabet. Today’s words were all ‘ives’ words.

“Lives,” I shouted, “Missy lives in a house with her mommy.”

“Lives – done,” she shouted back beginning her drawing on the side (she likes drawing funny pictures of me while she is waiting for the next word).

“Knives,” I shouted, “There are sharp knives in the drawer so we have to be careful not to cut our fingers off when we reach in.”

Missy:   “Knives – done.” (Scribble scribble)

Me:        “Gives. Sometimes Missy gives me a headache when she is too noisy.”

Missy:   “Gives – done.” (Fits of giggles as she draws steam coming out of my head)

Me:        “Hives. Bees live in hives.”

Missy:   “Hives – done.”

Me:        “And the last word is… wives. The president of South Africa has four wives.”

She wrote the word, capped the pen and said, “Wives – done… Henry the eighth had six wives, they must be cousins.”

Stay tuned for the next episode…





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