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The World in your Plate

world food

Let’s face it, some countries just make really tasty food and we are really lucky that they choose to share their cuisine.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if there were no Chinese take-aways, Pizza huts, Thai food restaurants, Indian… oh… Indian curries!!

However not all countries have spread their cuisine in the same way, how many of you can boast having tasted muhallibieh, syrniki, wat? (No, not ‘what’… wat).

So to give you some new tastes and food ideas that is wat (no not ‘wat’ … ‘what’) this section of Mommybegood is going to be about.

I am going to find recipes from countries around the world and post them right here, and I challenge you to try them.

Perhaps you can get the family involved and use it as a learning experience for the children or have a themed party with your friends.

Whatever you do… enjoy and bon appétit!







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