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THE NANNY DIARIES – Series 1, Episode 4 – People in Trees


[If you’re just checking in, and haven’t yet read the preceding episodes of THE NANNY DIARIES, click on the link to the right under ‘recent posts’, where you will find them. If some of them are not there, you will find them in ‘THE NANNY DIARIES’ under ‘categories’, just scroll down to whichever episode you missed.]

Sitting in traffic in the rain (once again) waiting for the lights to change:

Missy:   “Deni…”

Me:        “Yes Missy.”

Missy:   “Why are those two people standing under a tree?”

I turn to look where she is pointing and see two people sheltering under a tree in the garden of a house.

Me:        Probably to keep out of the rain.”

Missy:    “Why don’t they just go into the house?”

Me:        “Good question. I don’t know Missy, maybe they like standing under trees.”

Missy:   (Throwing her hands up in glee) “TREE HUGGERS!!”





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