Aiming to be happier families.



I am a single parent of three amazing children and have been a second mommy/ Nursery School Teacher/ Governess/ Tutor/ Nanny to many others, many of whom are now well-balanced and responsible adults. I have always enjoyed being around children and have learnt as much from them as they have from me.

I am both left and right-brained, which  makes me a little bit of a contradiction in terms as I can be both logical and creative and I do tend to think out-of-the-box. Very often, I see simple solutions to problems. It is because of this, that I decided to write a parenting manual, to offer a different approach to parenting that has been very successful for my little family and many of the parents of children I taught.

I am also currently putting together a pre-school education programme based on language, maths and lateral thinking.

I hope you will find some interesting reading here and that you in turn will offer me some food for thought in any comments that you leave.



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