Just Apply Chocolate – All will be Fixed

“It’s alright, I’ll just go and get him a chocolate.”

I find myself flabbergasted on a daily basis when I see mothers who walk around shops seemingly oblivious to the fact that their child is screaming his/her head off.

Today, as I walked into Tesco to pick up some bits and pieces and spices for the curry I am craving, my ears were blitzed by the sound of a very angry child screeching somewhere in the direction of the toiletries isle. If you are a Mom, you understand when I say the child was angry as children’s screeches have different pitches and inclinations. This was an angry screech that had been going on for a while.

I tried (really I did) to ignore it Continue reading


Stop it, You are going to be in trouble!

It’s 10:30 on a Thursday night and it’s freezing cold.  I am sitting on the train with a friend, coming back from London. As my face begins to thaw, making me able to move my eyes around, I notice a family sitting across the aisle. Dad, daughter of about 4, son of about 10 in his school uniform facing me. Mom and half a son of about 6 in line with me. I say half a son because Continue reading


“Why are you drawing sad faces Mommy?”

Picture created by: Stuart Miles

My daughter was definitely not a morning person when she was two and a half.

Every morning she would wake up at about 8:00 am and would either have a face like thunder or would be miserable and whine. Fortunately she used to eat, bath and go back for another sleep at 10:00am, after which she was cheerful.

Those two hours felt like ten and no matter how I tried, I could not change her mood. Continue reading


How many “no’s” constitute a “NO”?

So here  am sitting in a steak house enjoying a Roquefort salad (yes, seriously) and there is a woman on the table behind me with her 4-year-old son (that’s what the label said on his inside-out jumper).

They have just ordered their food and are waiting for it to arrive. The little boy is climbing around and rolling on the floor and she is texting on her mobile. He spies one of those machines that have balls with little plastic toys and darts off Continue reading


Be careful what you teach

A grandmother

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The other day I watched an old woman with her grandchildren. They were obviously enjoying each other’s company and the little girl noticed a packet of sweets on the counter.

 “Can I have a sweetie Nana?” she asked

“Those are not my sweeties, they belong to Uncle Paul,” the old lady replied and the little girl frowned.

“You can have one,” the old lady continued, “but don’t tell Uncle Paul.” she said secretively. Continue reading